Individual Foils
Top Panel Foils
Half Head Foils
Half Head Foils including Full Head Colour
Full Head Foils
Full Head Foils including Full Head Colour

We offer Micro Silicone Bonded hair extensions. They require no heat or glue to be applied, therefore causing no damage to the hair. If looked after correctly as your stylist informs you, they can last up to 3 months. They offer instant natural length and thickness that blend in with your natural hair.

Price can be given on consultation £POA
Cut and Blow Dry
Wet Cut
Blow Dry (Short)
Blow Dry (Long)
Blow Dry (with The’O’)
Gents Clipper
Gents Cut
Gents Colour & Cut
Childs Cut
Child Cut & Blow
Luxury Conditioning Treatment
Colour Enhancing ‘Botox for the Hair’
Hair Up
Wedding Hair Up
Wedding Hair Up including Trail

(inclusive of hair services)


At Enhance we specialise in Wella Colours and techniques. We offer a large variety of both semi and permanent colours that last considerably longer and give a true and natural finish.

Roots Regrowth
Full Head Colour